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The Future of Memory Care in Virginia

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The Future of Memory Care in Virginia

With the average life span increasing, the occurrence of age-related diseases, such as dementia, is also on the rise, meaning dementia care in Fairfax and the rest of the country is needed now more than ever.

Not only are memory care communities needed, but innovative approaches such as the one being introduced at The Virginian must also be developed. Read more about how memory care is changing and where it’s heading for the future.


A Focus on Person-Centered Care

Individualized care is becoming our greatest focus at The Virginian. We create and customize a care plan based on the individuals' goals, personal desires, needs, and wants. We also involve family members in the process to better understand every member of our community and provide the personalized assistance they deserve.

With specialized care planning and assessments for each resident, we can equally prioritize a resident's needs with medical professionals' recommendations.

If you’re searching for memory care near Fairfax, VA, visit The Virginian and experience the supportive and therapeutic environment we provide for our residents.


Continuum of Care Improvements

Continuum of care refers to when a senior living community features a comprehensive range of health care services for residents 55 and up. Many adults as they age will prefer to live in a place where all their needs can be serviced without having to move each time they experience a change in their health care needs.

With our assisted living communities helping residents maintain an independent lifestyle, Shenandoah memory care neighborhood, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation, as well as respite care, all of our resident's needs are met throughout their changes in health and needs.


Increase in Memory Care Specialists

With the number of dementia patients continuing to grow, an emphasis is being placed on caregivers and professionals to become more informed and educated about the specific needs of those living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

We believe a greater focus will be shifted to formalized dementia education and specialization for professionals in the field, helping with detection and diagnosis, as well as greater support for activities of daily living.


New and Innovative Technology

Every day, new technologies are being developed to help people living with dementia achieve a greater quality of life. There are apps that help with remembering family members’ names, medication reminders, and also those that measure the decline in cognitive function. 

Fall detection technology is advancing, wearable devices observe daily activities and behavior patterns that precede a decline in health, and other advancements are being made to improve engagement and reduce the time staff members need to spend on repetitive tasks as well as reduce the need for medication.

Our Shenandoah Memory Care community provides large sensory rooms with the latest technology for the memory impaired. We have sensors that track our residents and alert staff if a problem arises.

The Obie game system is available at The Virginian, which allows our residents to operate with the wave of their hand.

Through the assistance of technology and ongoing research and education, we hope to slow the onset of memory loss.


Visit The Virginian in Northern Virginia

The Virginian is a beautiful 32-acre community in Fairfax County, near the Washington DC metropolitan area. We specialize in senior care and providing a healthy lifestyle to keep our residents living as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Contact our team today to learn more about our services, the cost of memory care, or to answer any other questions you may have about living with us at The Virginian.

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