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To help promote an active and engaged lifestyle for The Virginian's residents and supply them with the best available healthcare resources and social opportunities, The Virginian supports a number of local and national programs.

These programs provide a variety of different services that our residents can participate in or take advantage of, along with the additional goal of fostering a better understanding and interaction with their fellow residents and the surrounding community as a whole.


Parkinson's Wellness at The Virginian

Stronger Together is a pioneering program dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals with Parkinson's.

Developed in collaboration with the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA), this new initiative, which will launch in April 2024, reflects The Virginian's commitment to providing comprehensive support and fostering a vibrant community.

Program participants will benefit from in-person and livestream exercise sessions alongside engaging activities, including quarterly lectures, a speaker series, and an annual education conference. The program is open to residents of The Virginian and PFNCA members.

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Fairfax Pets On Wheels (FPOW) connects pets with people in skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities in Fairfax County. These all-volunteer teams offer the love of the human-animal bond through pet therapy visits. FPOW volunteers and their pet partners make a difference every day by touching the lives of thousands of people in Fairfax area nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and adult day care and health centers. Regular visits provide an opportunity to share the unconditional love of a pet and improve someone's quality of life.


Through our partnership with Life Care Services, The Virginian offers residents a host of signature lifestyle-centered programs, along with the smartest resources, highest levels of care, and the greatest financial stability. Each signature experience was created to provide residents with the services and tools needed to remain safe, healthy and inspired.

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The Virginian Scholars Program combines the Life Enrichment activities offered by The Virginian with external health, wellness, and continuing education programs for residents seeking engagement and lifelong learning opportunities. It provides residents access to life-enrichment activities within their community and extends the potential for educational opportunities well beyond the walls of their community.


Summit Dog, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides animal-assisted therapy programs to our residents. Their customized Animal Assisted Programs achieve quantifiable objectives in education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psycho-therapy & counseling, and non-measurable objectives such as comfort and calming interactions. They truly make a difference in people's lives.


Fit Minds provides mental stimulation in group and individualized programs for seniors and senior living communities. This program effectively supports a wide range of cognitive abilities, from independent seniors to those challenged with Alzheimer's and other types of mild, moderate, and advanced dementia. Fit Minds provides customized group brain exercises, activities, and materials covering five key areas of cognition that support senior brain health.

  • Language and Music
  • Visual/Spatial Orientation
  • Memory
  • Critical Thinking
  • Computation


Senior exercise programs play a crucial role in enhancing older adults' overall health and well-being. As individuals age, they commonly experience a decline in physical abilities, such as reduced strength, flexibility, and balance. However, regular exercise can help mitigate these effects, allowing seniors to maintain functional independence and a high quality of life.

At The Virginian, we offer residents a variety of daily exercise programs, including aerobics, yoga, balance and strength training, a swimming pool with water aerobics (coming soon) classes as well as other hydro-therapy exercises, and new Bocce and Pickleball Courts for those who enjoy more of a team fitness regime.


For those who love to keep their brains active and engaged, too, The Virginian offers a wide range of resident-led discussion groups to encourage the friendly exchange of ideas and to help promote a greater awareness of the world around us. These groups include but are not limited to Current Events, American History Discussions, Philosophical Discussions, Book Clubs, and more.


Each year, The Virginian partners with over 40 vendors and leading local health providers to empower the community to achieve greater wellness by living a healthy lifestyle.

The 2023 theme, Empowering Diverse Communities through Health & Wellness Partnerships, was a great success and allowed residents and community members to take advantage of the many free health screenings and educational opportunities.

These activities included:

  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Elder Law / Estate Planning
  • Fall Prevention Tips
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Vision Screenigns
  • Grip Strength Testing
  • Pain Management
  • And More!

Participating Local Vendors included:

  • Inova Hospital Center
  • Alzheimer's Association
  • Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness
  • Independent You
  • RAFT
  • Cherry Blossom Pace
  • Stroke Comeback Center
  • Insight Memory Care Center
  • Bayada


A Memory Care Program

Heartfelt Connections is a signature memory care program offered at LCS-managed senior living communities nationwide. This Signature Experience is a comprehensive program based on the latest memory care research and best practices. It is grounded in a person-centered approach for individuals living with dementia that celebrates not just who these individuals are but also who they were and who they can still become.

A cornerstone of the Heartfelt Connections experience is focusing on what remains versus what has been lost. This remarkable program promotes dignity and a sense of accomplishment in day-to-day activities, supports improved self-worth, self-esteem, and overall health and well-being, and reduces fear, anxiety, and frustration.

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Intergenerational Programs

To promote intergenerational connection, The Virginian partners with the Merritt Academy to welcome a group of students to the community each month. Together, the students and residents interact through various activities, from a Zumba to nature walks to reading and other group projects that foster greater understanding and interaction between the generations.

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