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The Virginian Renovations Preliminary Design Concept

Ever wonder what the future will look like?

Modernizing our environment is at the top of the list of actions we’re taking to reinforce the “new” in The New Virginian. We’ll begin a step-by-careful-step renovation that will make your surroundings the most sought-after in the area. We can’t promise you won’t notice a thing while work is in progress, but we do promise to proceed as gently as possible. But we can almost guarantee that before the project is complete, you’ll be thrilled you became a part of it when you did.

Our pricing will be adjusted upward when we’re finished, so visit us today and learn about our plans and our progress while pre-renovation savings are still available. Call (703) 259-6365 and make an appointment for a complete tour of the “before” at The New Virginian.

And please, be our guest for lunch.